How to Tell If an Item Is Made of Real Silver

How to Tell If an Item Is Made of Real Silver

How to Tell If an Item Is Made of Real Silver

Silver is a silvery-white precious metal with stable properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, not easily corroded by acids and bases, soft and ductile, with strong moulding properties. For consumers, they need to understand some silver products related knowledge, grasp the simple and feasible test method, which can help to identify the preliminary silver products to be purchased.


The classification of silver products on the market

According to its colour, silver jewellery can be classified from high to low as sterling silver, grain silver and coloured silver. According to the processing method can be divided into casting silver, build silver and silver fine work products. Silver products with a colour of 97% or more are white and delicate, with a soft and pleasant lustre; those with a lower colour have a greenish white or greyish white skin, sometimes with yellow, black and other miscellaneous colours, with a dull and unlit colour. The silver products available on the market now can be divided into the following categories.

  • Plain silver

925 silver is plated with white rhodium (known in the industry as white gold), which delays the yellowing and blackening of silver in the event of oxidation or sulphurisation to the greatest extent possible. The industry refers to 925 silver without white gold plating as "plain silver", which is more prone to oxidation in the air. A large proportion of the 925 silver sold on the market today is plain silver in order to reduce the cost of the product.
  • Tibetan silver

Traditionally, Tibetan silver is 30% silver plus 70% copper, but even this traditional process of "Tibetan silver" is no longer available on the market and is mostly replaced by copper.

  • Thai silver

A Thai speciality, the standard is also 925 silver content.The traditional silver burnished blue vintage process, hand-made, to make the silver is very hard, not easy to deformation, inlaid with natural stones, semi-precious stones and animal teeth, horns, claws and other types of objects, to make something exotic cultural characteristics. Thai silver lacks brightness and has an "old, old" "antique silver" effect. Compared to 925 silver plated with white gold, the price of silver products is relatively low compared to 925 silver because the public base is not broad enough.


Scam with silver products sold on the market

Produced by small-scale, poorly managed and incomplete workshops, dealers will wrap copper around the inside of silver products, or plating silver on the surface of the alloy with a layer of nickel to save on material costs.

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Four ways to identify silver products

Silver products can be identified by four methods: looking at the colour, testing the hardness, weighing the weight and listening to the sound.

  • Identify the colour

Silver products should be a slightly yellowish silvery white with a metallic lustre and meticulous workmanship when viewed with the eye.

  • Checking hardness

Silver products are less hard and easily deformed by force, while imitation products are harder. Silver is less hard than copper and more hard than lead or tin. You can scratch the jewellery in an inconspicuous place with a large-headed needle, if the needle is slippery and it is difficult to leave marks on the surface, the piece can be judged as copper; if it is lead or pewter, the marks will be obvious and prominent; if there are traces on the surface and they are not too obvious, then it can be tentatively judged as silver products.

  • Weighing

Silver is slightly denser than the common metals. Aluminium is light, silver is heavy and copper is neither light nor heavy, so weighing it can make a preliminary judgement as to whether it is silver or not. If the silver product is larger and lighter, the initial judgement is that the product is of another metal.

  • Listening to sound and rhythm

In the case of silver, the lower the colour, the lower the sound; the higher the colour, the higher the sound and the rhyme. In the case of copper, the sound is higher and more pointed, with a sharp and short rhyme; in the case of lead and tin, the sound is dull, short and without bounce.


People in modern society are increasingly looking for a high quality of life, with a variety of fine gemstones and precious metals gradually becoming an integral part of people's lives. Sterling silver catches the light like nothing else, which is why it is loved and sought after. Knowing whether something is actually made of silver is not just a matter of cost, people with allergies or sensitivities to other metals must ensure that their jewellery is genuine silver.

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